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An academic education can only be made stronger through industry augmentation. I am proud to have had the incredible opportunity to participate in internship program with three incredible companies over the course of my time at Iowa State. These experiences include: working as a research and development software engineer with Workiva in Ames, Iowa; serving as an in-house software engineer with MODUS Engineering in Des Moines, Iowa; and contributing as a finance intern and IT assistant with The Merrill Company. During these experiences I have worked closely with many professional engineers on projects ranging from enterprise-level application development to electrical systems design and network monitoring system configuration.

Career Objective

It is my aspiration to achieve a meaningful and productive career in the field of computer engineering and software design. I hope to apply the many technical skills I have acquired during my tenure with Iowa State University to the design and execution of powerful software systems that not only accomplish unique tasks well but also empower people to do their best work. Accomplishing this alone will not be easy which is why I aim to use my proficiencies in communication, organization, project coordination, and leadership to work with and inspire others so that we can attain these goals together.

Workiva - Software Research and Development Engineering Intern

Over the summer of 2016 I had the incredible opportunity to intern with Workiva as a front-end development engineer for their research and development department. I’m also excited to extend my tenure with that fantastic company this coming summer through another internship. Although the specifics of the project and product I worked on are confidential, I can say I helped develop a cutting edge productivity web application using the Flux architecture in tandem with React view components in Google’s new Dart language which was then compiled into JavaScript. These experiences introduced me to tools like Homebrew, Docker, Jira, etc. and concepts like iterative release schedules and enterprise level SCRUM, Agile, and Kanban implementations. To meet the incredibly high code and security standards Workiva enforces I also gained experience writing unit and acceptance criteria tests as well as library models and sample tutorial applications. All of this development included experience with HTML trees and custom CSS derivations. The technical experience I gained through this internship was incredible as was the professional skills I acquired. I was able to see some of the latest and most cutting-edge technologies being used to produce code on a level of scale and quality only possible for the biggest and brightest development companies in the world. I worked to produce a product literally thousands of people use every day and contributed production code that still lives in those products today. That was and is an opportunity and privilege I do not take likely and I was honored when they asked that I return for an other internship to continue and expand my work and contributions.

MODUS Engineering - In-House Software Engineering Intern

During the summer of 2015 I had the incredible opportunity of participating in an internship position with MODUS Engineering out of Des Moines, Iowa. I served as a low-voltage design team member but spent a majority of my time developing new and exciting in-house technologies for the company. Over the course of the summer I worked on a number of different projects including:

  • A Revit Architecture plug-in which helped automate the low-voltage design process used for door access and security hardware saving the design team a great deal of time. This software took in configuration information from designers and then automatically generated schematics and design details, work that used to be done entirely by hand.
  • A project database system which adopted the company's project history data going back many decades, included support for all projects moving forward, and supported complex searches of all of that data empowering engineers, support staff, and management alike to make data driven decisions.
  • A software solution for intuitive team evaluations designed to spark constructive conversations about project outcomes, help individuals receive private and applied feedback from their project managers, and provide management with a simple employee performance evaluation tool.

For more information about these and other projects checkout my projects page. I also had opportunities to explore the field of consultant engineering both through project design work as well as a number of site visits and even a business trip for a client specification meeting and design mockup. That experience was just as rewarding as the programming knowledge I gained as it taught me a great deal about the consultant and design engineering industries.

The Merrill Company - General Office Intern

After three years of work in The Merrill Company’s warehouse I was given the opportunity to intern in their office working on various accounting and IT projects. These included organizing and managing payment accounts for our stock distributers as well as the installation of network infrastructure in a number of buildings and the management a virtual server environment on which I configured the Nagios Core network monitoring environment for my administrator. This early internship taught me a great deal about hardware virtualization and unix operations as well as helped shaped my characteristics of professionalism and leadership. I had the opportunity to work with talented individuals and the effective teams they had put together. That experience I experience priceless today as it has shaped my trajectory towards a professional career.

Business Trip

MODUS Business Trip - Summer 2015

While working at MODUS Engineering I was requested on a design specification and mockup business trip in Davenport Iowa. Our work included design lighting for the exterior of the building and thus required absolute darkness which meant working almost exclusively at night. The entire trip was an incredibly surreal experience.

MODUS Building

Market One Solar Array - Summer 2015

One of the best luxuries of working for MODUS was the incredible building they had just designed. Market ONE, formally a tractor repair factory, is now completely renovated with the latest in green technologies including the largest solar panel array in the state of Iowa as well as an additional array on their roof garden pictured here.