// Leadership

I have previously and currently occupy several leadership positions through my involvement in the University Honors Program and Salt Company campus ministry. These experiences range from leading a semester long class of 12 first-year honors students to coordinating professional audio visual productions for the largest student organization on campus. Through these experiences I have grown as a communicator, delegator, and vision setter and been exposed to a variety of different yet effective approaches of leadership. Developing a full set of soft skills for these positions has become an incredibly rewarding process.

University Honors Ambassador

As an upperclassmen leader in the University Honors Program I was given the chance to become an Honors Ambassador - a very special opportunity given to a select number of students in the program. It is my responsibility to represent Iowa State Honors in a number of capacities. This frequently means meeting with prospective honors students, program alumni, and university staff. Just recently I had the opportunity to have lunch with a number of high school talented and gifted students where we spoke about life at Iowa State, the transition into college, and how the honors program might be right for them. It was a wonderful experience and made me think about my own path to Iowa State. It's a humbling realization that I have a hand in helping more students arrive at the place I am so fortunate to call home. I have grown a great deal over the past few years, and leadership experiences like being an honors ambassador have played a large role in that development.

Salt Company Production Coordinator

As production coordinator for The Salt Company I now oversee all production and technical activities for the organization, steward the use and training for our technical equipment, and am responsible for the execution of our production efforts each week. Through this opportunity I have grown a great deal as a leader. I’ve had the opportunity to develop my communication skills in a number of ways. Training new volunteers on our equipment involves simplifying processes and providing clear descriptions of complicated systems to near laymen. The execution and coordination of live production events also requires a unique and very useful set of communication techniques which allow for fast and direct communication in moments of high pressure. These skills have already proven useful during my internship experiences and I look forward to seeing further crossover. Organization skills are also of critical importance when scheduling out our rotating and rather large volunteer production roster as well as for the execution of service planning and scheduling. The various elements in our gatherings are scheduled down to the minute and involve various forms of multimedia coordination spanning an entire live band and several production operators. The execution of these complicated services requires a great deal of foresight and planning as well as excellence in live execution.

Honors Student Board Executive

During my time with the University Honors Program at Iowa State I also had the opportunity to serve as a chair member on the Honors Student Board’s Executive Cabinet. During my tenure on the cabinet I participated in a number of important decision making processes including the reformation of the organization's constitution as well as led the first-year program subcommittee. With the help of a few diligent volunteers on the committee I was able to start a number of new initiatives including the First-Year Mentor Program, organized the inaugural first-year reunion event, and lead a student feedback program which resulted in a panel discussion which I lead in front of the Honors Alumni Board’s annual gathering.

Honors Seminar Leader

All first-year students in the University Honors Program are required to take an initiate seminar designed to help introduce students to the program, the university, and the community of Ames. I took this seminar my freshmen year and greatly enjoyed the experience; so much so, in fact, that I decided to apply to lead a section of the course my sophomore year. The experience was an extremely rewarding one and helped me develop a number of organizational and leadership skills. I was responsible for creating lesson plans for an entire semester, leading a group of 12 students through their introduction course, and also helped organize our semester retreat event. Teaching a class for an entire semester was a brand new experience which forced me to examine the macro-level objectives of the entire course and still be able to apply those principles on a more detailed micro-level when creating weekly lesson plans. In total, I was responsible for creating over 60 hours of content that was both useful and interesting for my students.

TSC Kickoff

Salt Company Kickoff - Fall 2016

Every fall the Salt Company campus ministry starts the semester with our annual kickoff. This year the event was attended by over 1,900 Iowa State students with the majority of those continuing to attend weekly services throughout the year. As a leader on the worship and technical arts team it was my responsibility to help plan and execute this event.

Jischke Building

Jischke Building - Fall 2015

Home to the University Honors Program, Jischke is something of a home base for honors students. I have held many meetings here, taught a class of 12 honors students for a semester here, and even had the opportunity to speak in front of the Honors Alumni Board. Honors has not only given me many opportunities but helped me develop as a leader.