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As the birth place of the first digital computer, Iowa State University represents the natural destination for a computer engineering major such as myself. During my time at ISU I have been exposed to some of the latest software and hardware design practices and tools and have grown from a simple enthusiast to an established professional. I love the learning process so pursuing breadth as well as depth in my education has also been important. That is why I have minors in business economics and music technology as well as spend a majority of my free time exploring audio and visual design and serving as an ambassador for the University Honors Program. I am on track to graduate with full honors in the Fall of 2017.

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An academic education can only be made stronger through industry augmentation. I am proud to have had the incredible opportunity to participate in internship programs with three incredible companies over the course of my time at Iowa State. These experiences include: working as a research and development software engineer with Workiva in Ames, Iowa; serving as an in-house software engineer with MODUS Engineering in Des Moines, Iowa; and contributing as a finance intern and IT assistant with The Merrill Company. During these experiences I have worked closely with many professional engineers on projects ranging from enterprise-level application development to electrical systems design and network monitoring system configuration.

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I have previously and currently occupy several leadership positions through my involvement in the University Honors Program and Salt Company campus ministry. These experiences range from leading a semester long class of 12 first-year honors students to coordinating professional audio visual productions for the largest student organization on campus. Through these experiences I have grown as a communicator, delegator, and vision setter and been exposed to a variety of different yet effective approaches of leadership. Developing a full set of soft skills for these positions has become an incredibly rewarding process.

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The field of computer engineering is constantly evolving which makes learning and adapting to new technologies a necessity. Tackling new professional and personal projects has been a great opportunity to do just that. Some of the technical projects I have worked on in the past include a modern travel planning web application, a remote controlled rover with custom-designed sonar navigation systems, a five-stage pipeline CPU design, and even a cloud based to do application for Android that implemented secure authorization and a real-time database system. Other projects that I am still developing include a Unity 5 multi-platform mobile game as well as a livestock health management application which will be made available for purchase on iOS devices.

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From the agile development cycle to professional music synthesis techniques, I love picking up new and diverse skills sets. Through my time at Iowa State I have had experience with multiple programming languages, development environments, and circuit design tools and my degree has given me experience with both hardware and software design practices, principles, and tools. Examples of this include experience with web, iOS, and Android application development and the associated languages and frameworks for each of those disciplines. My time as a production coordinator has also taught me a great deal about audio and visual technologies. This includes exposure to industry leading tools and technologies such as the DiGiCo mixing console lineup.

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Although I love my career field, I am more than just a computer engineer. What little free time I have I love to use for various investments in myself. I am usually in the middle of several different professional and personal projects, always practicing new skills and honing old ones, and am actively involved in a number of different organizations. I also love analyzing great music, watching classic movies, and playing the latest video games.

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Life at Iowa State is a busy and exciting one. Whether you are a family member who wants to know what I am up to or just someone who happened upon the site, my blog is the perfect place to learn more about the latest happenings in my day to day life. Inside you will find a mixture of academic overviews and discussions of popular culture. That's if I can find the time and will power to document my life while living it.

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